We Are An Approved SilverSneaker Provider

What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a fitness program for people who are Medicare eligible and have a  Medicare supplemental insurance plan that supports the program.  If your supplemental health care plan supports SilverSneakers, you will need to sign-up with the SilverSneakers program in order to get the benefit.


You Can Check Your SilverSneakers Elegibility

Stop by the gym during staffed hours and we can check you SilverSneakers elegibility and get you enrolled in the program.

You can also use the link below to verify your SilverSneakers eligibility and get a SilverSneakers number.  Once you are signed up, your membership number will be displayed on the results page.


Already a SilverSneakers Member?

If you are already a SilverSneakers member, all you need to do is stop in to get enrolled at our gym.