Healthy Habits 1

March 1, 2019 – By: Jessica Verno, Exercise Physiologist,
Chestnut Ridge Physical Therapy

Why Should You Exercise?

We all know that exercise can “help us look better”… but there are many additional benefits of regular exercise including:

A study completed by Dr. Stephen Messier concluded that for every 1 lb of weight loss that occurred, there was a resulting 4 lb reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure.

Jessica Verno
  • It strengthens the heart which is a muscle
  • It helps keep arteries and veins clear
  • It strengthens the lungs
  • It reduces blood sugar levels
  • It controls weight
  • It strengthens bones
  • It helps prevent cancer
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It improves energy levels
  • It enhances emotional well being

treadmillChallenge YOUrself to get more physically fit in 2019.
Make a game plan and do it for YOU.
YOU owe it to yourself!