A Brief History of Chestnut Ridge Wellness & Fitness

January 2018
determine site availability
begin collecting data on operating costs

begin social media campaign to determine community interest
develop web site to disseminate and collect information

begin contacting equipment vendors to determine cost feasibility

continue collecting data and develop an operating budget


Lauch Facebook page

●  two community awareness meetings

●  collect list of planned members

●  hold fund-raising events and activities

●  incorporate when planned member list exceeds 140

●  install board of directors and adopt bylaws

●  clean facility

●  ————-steps below are in progress—————

●  select equipment vendor

●  aquire membership deposits

●  secure remaining funding needed to open

●  install equipment

●  train volunteers

●  open facility



Fundraising Summary

It will take close to $90,000 to open this facility.  Here is a summary of our fundraising efforts.
Three fundraising events   $4,748.75
Advertising sales & direct donations      $990.00
Go Fund Me Campaign      $561.32
Pledges   $1,200.00
Donations from the organizers   $3,050.00
In Kind Donations      $500.00
t-shirt sales      $835.00
Private loans $25,000.00
Bank loan (approximately), $60,000.00
Total $96,885.07


Total Startup Costs

Purchased Donated
Gym Equipment $62,783.80
Flooring $12,500.00
Wall Mirrors
Computer $150.00
Printer $200.00
TVs $1,200.00
Washer $250.00
Dryer $250.00
Credit card terminal
Panic Button $242.00
24 hour access key system $2,954.88
video monitoring system $1,150.04
Lockers $1,000.00
Upholstering $1,000.00
Mirrors $1,000.00
Total Fixed Costs $83,830.72 $850.00
1 month operating expense $5,000.00
Total Startup Cost $88,830.72

Equipment Quotes

These are the first two quotes we have received on equipment.  They provide a starting point for developing fundraising goals.  They do not represent final prices we intend to pay.

Quotes for all new equipment
Vendor 1  approx $144,407.45

Quotes for all used equipment
Vendor 1  approx $77,000.00
Vendor 2                 $62,783.80  quote we accepted